B&W Post Processing

B&W Post Processing

Time & Location

3rd April 2018
3/14 Adarsha nagar , Dhakuria, Kolkata - 31

About The Event

Being out with our cameras is one thing, but some of the most important work in creating wonderful photographs has to be done when we return home with our RAW files.

It is necessary to bring back the life to the image captured in the field. The different intensities of light and dark need to be recovered. Using software gives us the mechanisms to achieve this in the modern day digital 'darkroom'. We need to recreate the experience of that moment in the field and communicate it to the viewer. After all, as pleasurable as it is being in the field with one's camera, is only part of the job, so we must learn to embrace and enjoy post processing and image editing to truly be photographers, and by doing so, offer the viewer the finished visual statement of our experience.

On this one day workshop we will cover all aspects of post processing and image editing using Adobe Camera RAW, Lightroom and Photoshop.

You will learn important considerations you need to make throughout out your digital workflow to arrive at a superb image file ready to print or publish.

We will cover the following:

• Understanding the controls of the Adobe Camera RAW and Lightroom

• Pre-sharpening in Adobe Camera RAW and Lightroom

• Correcting lens distortion & colour fringing/aberrations

• Using the Targeted Adjustment Brush in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom

• Understand how and when to use Photoshop in conjunction with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

• Using adjustment layers and masks in Photoshop

• Understanding printers, drivers and colour profiles

• Resizing and sharpening for output

During the workshop you will learn an effective workflow that will help ensure that your images look the best they can. This one day workshop is suitable for photographers both new to post processing and image editing and those already more advanced.

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